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City Model 1 includes both pedal assist (choose how much help you want using the digital controls) to cruise at up to 28 MPH, as well as a thumb throttle, which can propel you at up to 20 MPH without pedaling. There’s a large, color display showing your speed, distance, time, battery life, and other information, plus a kickstand for easy parking. Includes Kenda puncture-resistant tires, powerful hydraulic disc brakes for safer and stopping, and Shimano’s 7 speed drivetrain.

Class III eBike, up to 28 MPH pedal assist and 20 MPH throttle

Adjustable speed limiter can be set as low as 11 MPH to meet local trail rules or accomodate riders who prefer slower speeds.

5 levels of pedal assist

PAS 0: no motor assist
PAS 1: 15 MPH
PAS 2: 17.5 MPH
PAS 3: 20.5 MPH
PAS 4: 23 MPH
PAS 5: 27 MPH
Throttle only: 20 MPH

Speeds will vary slightly depending on terrain, rider weight, and battery charge.

LCD display

High-resolution digital dashboard shows your speed, trip distance, time, battery charge, pedal assist level, and more; all at a glance. There's even a backlight for night riding.

Powerful 500 watt hub motor

Plenty of torque for climbing hills or handling headwinds with ease

High-capacity battery and 3 Amp fast charger

Go further between charges with a big, 652.8 Wh battery, built with premium LG cells. Recharge 50% faster than competing brands.

40+ mile range

Real-world range testing shows most riders will get more than 40 miles on a single charge when using pedal assist, and 20 miles on throttle alone.

Puncture-resistant, eBike-rated tires

Kenda K-Shield technology reduces the chance of a flat tire. Reflective sidewalls increase safety in dim or dark conditions.

Shimano 7 speed drivetrain

Easy to ride with a 7 speed drivetrain from Shimano. The thumb shifter shows you what gear you're using at a glance, and each shift clicks right into place - no complicated drivetrain to figure out.

Hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power

Plus, oversized brake rotors allow you to ride with confidence and reduce stopping distance.

Adjustable stem

Easily raise or lower the handlebar for comfort. No hunching over!


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