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City 2 is the updated version of our award-winning City Model 1 eBike, adding an integrated battery, wider tires, and upgraded 8 speed drivetrain. City 2 is a Class III eBike offering pedal assist speeds up to 28 MPH, and 20 MPH on throttle. Top tube frame design for riders who prefer a traditional look.

Class III eBike with pedal assist and throttle

Travel up to 28 MPH on pedal assist, and up to 20 MPH on throttle alone without pedaling.

Stealthy, integrated battery

652.8 Wh (48V, 13.6A) battery is integrated into the down tube for a stealthy look, making it less obvious you're riding an eBike. Includes 3 Amp fast charger, you can charge with the battery on, or off the bike.

40+ mile range

Real-world range testing shows most riders will get more than 40 miles on a single charge when using pedal assist, and 20 miles on throttle alone.

Digital display

Monitor your speed, distance, battery charge, and other data on the high-resolution display. Set an optional PIN code for additional security.

Versatile 2.6" tires

Tackle more varied terrain with wider 2.6" tires that absorb bumps and rough pavement. They're eBike-rated and features anti-puncture technology, plus reflective sidewalls for safety.

Hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power

City Model 2 uses hydraulic disc brakes with oversized rotors for more braking power.

8 speed drivetrain with OGD

With an 11-32 tooth cassette, you'll have a wide range of gears, for everything from hills to headwinds. Optical Gear Display shows your chosen gear at a glance.


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