Bike Valuation



Looking to sell your bike?  Not sure how much it's worth?  We can help.



We've been performing detailed bicycle valuations for decades.  We understand that bicycles are often adored and sentimental pieces of equipment.  Because of this, we will take as much time as needed to carefully inspect and value your bicycle, based on current fair-market values, no matter whether you're selling it online or to a friend.



To get started, you will need to follow these important steps:



1 - Purchase our Bike Valuation service (select in-store pickup at checkout)

2 - Take 8 pictures of your bicycle, preferably with a clean and unobstructed background.

3 - E-mail these photos to [email protected].  We will then get your quote back within 48 hours.




     Below are examples of the 8 photos required: 

(If viewing on a smartphone, use landscape mode for best results)

Right side Left side Right rear Front
Right shifter/brake lever Left shifter/brake lever Crankset, front derailleur Seat, top tube, stem


Please note that the valuation given is not an offer to buy. 

Some bicycles have higher value as a whole unit while other may be worth more in pieces. 

If you are interested in trading in your bike, for store credit, please take a look at our trade-in page.