Bike Shipping


We are bike boxing pros!


If you need to have your bike shipped, we offer a bike boxing service.  While it may seem like putting a bicycle inside a box is a simple task, it really isn't!  It takes time, care, and knowledge to properly box a bicycle.  We will remove any necessary parts, install padding materials, and cinch everything together so nothing shifts during transport.  We charge $75 for this service.  Please note: May cost more for tandems or non-traditional bicycles.


Here are the steps you need to follow to have your bicycle shipped:

1-Bring your bicycle to Solon Bicycle and pay for the boxing service

2-Once completed, we will text you with the box dimensions and weight (Usually takes a couple of days)

3-Set up an account on, enter the dimensions, weight, pickup and destination addresses, and set up a pickup date.  Our address is 33113 Aurora Road Solon, Ohio 44139

4-E-mail the shipping label to us at [email protected]

5-Sit back and relax!  You did great!



If you simply need a bike box and want to try boxing your bike yourself, we have those.  Be warned that it's not easy and you will need some specialty tools and expertise to accomplish this task!  Bike boxes are available for $20.

How to reassemble a boxed bike