Is an e-bike for me?

For some, an e-bike is the perfect commuting tool, or adventure companion, but for others, an e-bike is also the ideal mobility aid for their journey to (or back to) fitness. Whether recovering from an injury, or returning to exercise after an extended period of inactivity, an e-bike can be a massive boost on the way back to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Folks who have been inactive or who have gotten older (as we all do) can easily benefit from riding an e-bike as they return to being more active. Where a traditional bicycle may seem uninviting or intimidating when starting from a lower fitness level, an e-bike is perfect for helping riders grow their fitness with confidence. In the beginning, riders may choose to use a higher pedal assist level, and then gradually move to less and less assist as they get fitter- or just simply ride further and further using multiple assist levels on their rides. One easy way to increase power and strength during that fitness journey is to decrease the assist level when going up hills. Using a bit more human power, rather than battery power, grows the rider’s strength … and saves battery range, as a bonus. This works on flat ground too; use a lower assist mode when cruising the flats, pushing a little more to reach higher speeds, and then grab a little greater boost on the climbs. Adjusting power modes while riding, as the rider’s fitness increases, is just one example of how using an e-bike to improve fitness can become an integrated part of the journey.

Older riders who have not ridden a bicycle in years, or who no longer get as much enjoyment out of riding their old, non-powered bikes, can extend their physical activity with the help of an e-bike too. We’ve seen numerous examples of older riders who gave up riding their bikes because it was no longer fun to ride, or was more demanding than they were comfortable with- or capable of. Once they were able to get on an e-bike, however, they were able to ride more comfortably and for much further than they had been capable of under pure human power. For older riders, continued activity has many benefits beyond simply getting outside. Countless studies have shown that continuing to be active later in life has numerous benefits in practically every health metric- weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more. It’s always encouraged to consult with your physician before starting a fitness journey, and to always wear a helmet.


In many examples, riders who have begun their fitness journey with the help of an e-bike go on to continue to ride after reaching their initial objectives. Once the joys of riding take hold, the fitness goals become secondary to simply enjoying the time outside being active. Perhaps an e-bike is perfect for you or somebody you know who is contemplating a return to a healthier way of living.


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