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The resurgence of BMX racing sprung an interest in our area and seemed really appealing to mainly the older guys who have been riding skateparks and flatland for decades.  Could there be a better reason to form a racing team?  We think not!  Supporting riders at the grassroots level has always been a focus at Solon Bicycle, and we are proud to have assembled a team of awesome humans ranging from age 5 to 51.

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Andy Pauken

Andy's a lifelong cyclist who went 0 to 100 with BMX within the past few years.  His passion and dedication shines bright like a diamond.  Everyone has been keeping a keen eye on this ripper and most have witnessed that a good work ethic rarely goes unnoticed.  Big things are ahead for this rockstar!

Bike - Haro Carbon Citizen Long

Position - Team Track Boss

(Pic: Shayne Ross)

Andy's USA BMX Profile
























John Pullman

John started racing in the early 80s and quickly changed gears to start freestyling.  30ish years later, he has revived his passion and it truly shows in his racing performance.  We wouldn't have assembled this team had it not been for John's desire to start racing again.  Thanks, John!

Bike - Haro Carbon Citizen XL

Position - Team founder

(Pic: Shayne Ross)

John's USA BMX Profile

Bryan Chapdelaine

Bryan is new to racing BMX, but not new to all things extreme!  Spending many years as a rollerblader, skater, BMX park rider, and was a purely natural next step.  Like most things, Bryan instantly took to the sport and has been having a blast ever since!

Position - Team founder

Bike - Haro Carbon Citizen XL














Danny Sirkin

Having raced only 4 times in the mid-80s, and not being very good at it, Danny never even thought twice about entering another track. Switching to flatland freestyle for the past 34 years seemed to make more sense. But after John's nudge to race, he was hooked.  This is BMX in it's purest form and he has been having a great time riding, hanging out, and getting to know the awesome extended BMX family at the local track.

Bike - Haro Carbon Citizen XL

Position - Team founder and manager

(Pic: Shayne Ross)

Danny's USA BMX Profile


Nick Capp

As a new racer, we watched Nick study what the other guys were doing and saw him quickly rise to the top of his class. Never underestimate the "bowling ball," because he gains momentum when you'd least expect it! We look forward to seeing Nick progress this season!

Bike - Haro Carbon Citizen XXL




















Thomas Brenner

Thomas is like a quiet storm on the race track. He doesn't say much throughout the day, as he's more of an "actions speak louder than words" kinda guy. Thomas is s super fast expert who has quite the tendency to make podium at every race he attends!

(Pic: Shayne Ross)

Jamie Sinyard

Jamie is our Canadian brutha from anotha mutha!  A former flatlander as well, Jamie is sharpening his chops at various Toronto tracks as we speak.  Jamie also runs his own apparel company that is co-sponsoring  our team.  Check it out at

Bike - Haro Carbon Citizen XL

(Pic: Gary Simmons)

Jamie's USA BMX / Canada BMX Profile














Paul Priebe

Paul started as a racer then quickly turned flatlander, much like many of us. His daughter had an interest in racing so he joined the fun. Since then, Paul has been on fire, making podium at almost every race he attends!

Bike - Haro Carbon Citizen XXL


(Pic: Shayne Ross)


Scotty Richmond

Scotty made his re-entry into BMX racing in late 2019 and has been on a mission ever since. He's been giving his competitors a serious run for their money 3-4 times a week at various tracks around the region. Scotty's extreme dedication to training and getting faster shines through every time the gate drops!

Bike - DK Professional-X

Scotty's USA BMX Profile
























Judah Chapdelaine

Son of Bryan, Judah is naturally a tiny hotshot at the track!  This little munchkin has been on fire lately and seems to have a secret gas pedal hidden somewhere on his bike!

Bike - Haro Racelite Mini

(Pic: Shayne Ross)

Paige Priebe

Paige is fast. Faster than she should be for being so new at this. But who cares, right? The kid is a natural! She started not too long ago, quickly bumped classes, and continues to dazzle people every time the gate drops. 

Bike - Haro Racelite Pro

(Pic: Shayne Ross)




Jacob Pauken

Sneaky fast yet questionably quiet.....this little stylecat loves to trick out on the track, all with a silky-smooth flow. Jacob always has fun on his bike and his riding is a pure reflection of that! 


(Pic: Shayne Ross)


Hannah Pauken

If you think you're seeing double, you are correct. But nobody knows which one of the twins is gonna win on any given day. They always keep everyone on their toes! Take note of that number plate! 


(Pic: Shayne Ross)





Alissa Pauken

We are betting that Alissa will be chasing that number one plate that her sister is running. I mean, who doesn't love an underdog, right? It's always super fun to watch the girls race then properly take their place on the podium! 


(Pic: Shayne Ross)

Luke Pauken

We have no idea how Luke has the amount of energy he does, but the kid puts the Energizer bunny to shame. Luke has been coming on strong lately and he will probably pass us all in just a few short years.  


(Pic: Shayne Ross)


Riders not shown:



Vinny Manus Cory Skinner David Frank
Tony Manus Nico Skinner Max Frank
Carrie Pauken Brandon Skinner Marley Frank
Camdyn Brown Bryce Skinner Billy Walters
Rob Cox Breck Skinner Keegan Walters
Lilly Cox Peri Wisner
Paul Grenade


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