Below is a list of real reviews and comments that our wonderful customers have written about their experiences at Solon Bicycle.  These comments have been copied from various review sites as well as follow-up surveys.  We sincerely thank everyone who took a moment to write about their visits!



Lloyd G.

I continue to love this store. Staff is great.


Adam Z.

Dan and the team are awesome.



Great service as usual! Thank you Dan!


Vince L.

Great job! As always.


Peter A.

All of the gentlemen were patient and courteous. The work was done promptly. Keep up the good work!


Stephanie P. 

My son's bike was stolen. Dan and Solon Bicycle, along with the Solon police, gifted him with a new one. I am now a customer for life!


Christine J.

Awesome service on Sunday! Thank you so much for replacing my tires so quickly!


Casey R.

Very informative, no pressure bike shop that guided us well in choosing our first "real" mountain bikes. Wide selection of Specialized and Jamis and willing to order anything that they don't have on hand.


Jeanne M.

Dan from Solon Bicycle is authentic and amazing in his ability to offer a speedy turn over on any bicycle need. I have bought 2 high end bicycles at this shop in the last 5 years (one to race, the other to commute) and the prices were very reasonable. Dan and his team are always ready to help me with care and maintenance, or offer needed bicycle adjuncts. He has saved me a ton of money and down time by telling me when a maintenance recommended by another shop wasn't needed, and getting me my wonderful bicycle back and ready to go the next day. The atmosphere of the shop is relaxed but professional and extremely efficient, if that is what you want. This is the BEST BICYCLE SHOP ON THE PLANET EARTH!



They were awesome and very helpful!!



Love this shop..they're so professional and knowledgeable!


Dan D.

Very solid professional advice. I brought in an old bike and they advised on the various options, fixed up my ride and off I went with a great deal! Thanks Solon Bicycle.


Lou C.

Great bike, great service as always


Amy J.

I really appreciated the help that I got at Solon bicycle. I will refer people and use them again in the future


Pat C.

You guys did a great job on my rebuild/tune up. I'll be back for sure.


Paul C.

Quick, efficient service and tune ups at a Good price. Everything is running right on the bikes. No overselling by the staff. All this makes it easy to trust Solon Bike with our bikes.


Jerry B. 

It had been awhile since I was in the shop, but Dan remembered my name as did Tim. You guys are always good natured - and competent.


Tony S. 

Awesome service great people!


James P.

Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Had a dinged rim on my mountain bike, they were able to recommend a better replacement and assembled it at a decent price.


Matt C.

A great local shop.  The shop employees are extremely knowledgeable and HONEST. There's no "made up" repairs taking place or pressure into buying parts or equipment you don't need (or want). They have a great selection of bikes that appeal to all style of riding from kids to road racing.  I travel past other shops closer to my home to do business with Solon Bicycle.


Ruth S.

I have been looking for a bicycle and have tried several bike shops.  By far the employees at Solon Bicycle were the most helpful and informative.  I was encouraged to try several models and there is a large, mostly empty parking lot behind the store in which to do so.  My husband bought a bike there a few years ago with the same experience.


Bob L. 

We all have lots of choices when it comes to making purchase decisions in a retail setting but there are so few that actually "get it". Combining a broad selection of top brand names, a knowledgeable & friendly sales staff, and excellent customer service are just a few attributes of Solon Bicycle. The differentiating aspect of my experience was the time that Dan Sirkin and his staff took to fully understand my cycling needs and goals in an effort to match the rider to the bike, which included a custom laser fitting. Awesome experience and I would recommend Solon bicycle to anyone who is thinking a purchasing a bike! 

John T. 

They are professional and always answer questions and best service. 


Customer service is key in any business. Dan and the crew at Solon Bicycle treat every customer with integrity and respect. They know a few things about bicycles, too! 


Great customer service. 


Solon Bicycle quite simply is the best shop in the greater Cleveland area. It's a shop where recreational riders can come in and get help figuring out what they want/need...and they will never sell you more or less. The shop is nationally recognized...the shop won the Park Tool Distinguished Service award. There are bigger places, but they are not better, and the quality of what is hanging on the walls is spot on. 

Rodney S. 

They are very personable and customer oriented. Dan is very knowledgeable about bikes and everyone treats you like family. They remember your name and call you by it. 


Very professional.  

Jim S. 

Dan has always been sincere about his passion for bikes - and it reflects in his spirit for the business. 

Dave M. 

All around great shop! These guys know their stuff! Great mechanics, very friendly, and helpful staff. It's obvious this is not only their job, but their passion. 

Regis S. 

Absolute best customer service for biking needs! 


They have been around for so long and I have purchased quality bikes from there, including the one I learned to ride a bike on. 

Doug P. 

I have purchased two bikes from the store and have received professional treatment in addition to great pricing. I highly recommend them from novices to the serious rider.  

Rob M. 

I've always received great service for my bike, and i didn't even purchase it at their store. 

Jan J. 

Staff is extremely helpful & friendly!!! 


Great customer relations and service!! Thanks for a great shop Dan! 

Sygi B. 

Solon Bicycle staff members are very informed, reliable and give a customer 100% of their effort and time. I highly recommend Solon Bicycle. 

Tate B. 

Dan is a fantastic individual and his staff follows his lead. Solon Bicycle sets the standard for all 
other shops. 

William K. 

Super service and expertise. 

Christie C. 

Service is personable and high quality! 

Mindy M. 

They ALWAYS take care of my bike PRONTO. And they always take care of me w/ professionalism and friendliness. 

Brian M. 

This is a good, full-service shop. I have lived in Bainbridge for 7 years and have walked into this shop with bike problems, and walked out later with the problem solved, sometimes without any cost! And I didn't buy the bike there. I have bought a Specialized Roubaix there and believe this was the best recommendation for a bike that could have been made for me! Keep up the good work, Dan and crew! 

Sue H. 

A great group of guys who keep my bike in tip-top shape!! 

Jack D 

Great People, Great Cycles, Great Service! 


Best bike shop! Great guys who really know their stuff. I live in NY now and really miss Solon Bicycle. No other shop compares. 

Angie K. 

Always helpful, knowledgeable and a delight to stop there. 

Bob M. 

I just bought an expensive racing bike for the Tour de Scottsdale and it was comforting to know that these guys knew their stuff and were so helpful. 


They really know their stuff and their service is excellent... absolutely the best! 


Dan and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and their customer service is excellent. They are totally committed to their customer and their products. It is a pleasure doing business with them. I would go nowhere else. 

Kristi B. 

Solon Bicycle has the best staff in all of the surrounding Cleveland area! They take care of you from the minute you walk in the door. Their service is knowledgeable and friendly and they have the best bike mechanics in town! 


Undoubtedly the fastest friendliest service I have ever had. Solon bicycle gives everyone of their customers the highest priority on everything one might need, from the smallest parts to custom orders, I won't ever do business anywhere but there. 

Ray F. 

They did excellent work on my bike. 

Daniel W. 

The people that work there are friendly and use their extensive knowledge to help you make good decisions on selecting, using and maintaining a bike. 

Sobeyda S. 

Fantastic customer service! Personalized attention to your biking needs. Great prices. 

Stephen Z. 

Great service, great prices, great people, great team 

Scott S. 

They're extremely attentive and courteous. I would also say they're very knowledgeable on repairs and cycling, and a fun place to just hang out, because they're also a bunch of good guys!! 


Great knowledge on bicycles and excellent customer service 


Great selection, a very helpful and knowledgeable staff! 

Ann B. 

Great customer service! 


They take the time to sell you the "right" bike. 


Awesome shop! Priceless knowledge! Fair prices. A lot in inventory. 


The guys know their stuff. Dan and the gang are great! 

Paul S. 

I now enjoy my life even more, because of the commitment of the Solon Bicycle employees. They've really made a difference and it shows! 

Michelle R. 

Great service, great products! 


They have the best selection 


Very friendly staff. Very helpful.



Just a quick note to tell you I am very happy with the work performed on my red Trek 1500 road bike (thank you Matt!). I just returned from a test ride. Ran like a Swiss clock.



It was 15 minutes before closing when I called the store to say I was on my way with a problem that I needed fixed right away. There was a grinding noise coming from my free wheel and my bike needed to be on a truck the next afternoon to be shipped to Nevada for a century ride. Dan said he had a spare rear wheel he could loan me for my ride. I picked my bike up the next morning and dropped it off on time at the truck. The century ride went off without a hitch. I couldn't have done it without the personalized service you provided! You guys are the best!



Dan, took the mountain bike out for several rides, including a long night Ride on the Towpath, and the fit is great! No wheelies yet going up steep terrain, confident, stable feeling at speed. You did a great job on the fit, and a great job with the customer service. After this weekend, I feel I can whole-heartedly endorse our team (TEW Wheelers) to come to you for fitting and other services. Thanks again for making my Fetish Cycle a joy to ride again! 



I wanted to take some time to thank Bryan for allowing me to pick his brain today while he fixed my broken spoke and gave my bike a tune up. I appreciate the time he spent answering all my maintenance questions. He spent almost an hour with me, going over everything I asked about. And I'm happy to say that this is the rule at Solon Bicycle, NOT the exception. Every time I'm in your store, your staff has been great. When I was uncertain what kind of bike I should buy, I got good advice from Aleksey and Dan. When I bought my new bike as well as my wife's, we were very pleased that you had a good selection of frame sizes and were able to give our bikes a thorough check in short order. And when I've come in asking questions, I am always treated like there's nobody in the store more important than me. I purposely avoided "that other big store" ...... because I wasn't treated well there. I won't go anywhere else! Keep up the good work!



I recently bought a bike at Solon Bicycle- not the highest-priced, but I wanted a lot of custom tweaks done. Dan and Mike came through, offering additional suggestions and guidance. The bike was ready in record time. Even when I had to bring it back a couple times for additional attention, they fixed it right away and thoroughly tested it.
I've been seriously riding bikes for 35 years, and have been fruitlessly searching for a dependable shop with personalized attention since moving back to Cleveland 15 years ago. I've had good to indifferent to bad service at any number of popular shops in the area, and have never been thoroughly satisfied the way I was with certain shops where I lived in Colorado and California.

Solon Bicycle is just the place I've been looking for, where strict attention to detail, craftsmanship, and a dedication to getting it right are prime drivers. There are plenty of bike shops closer to my home, but I have no problem with driving out to Solon Bicycle.



Hello, Saturday I was at your shop and bought a new hybrid bike. If you remember, I was the guy trying to a get a mid-winter sale price (I know it isn’t mid-winter, but I am cheap). Anyway, yesterday (Sunday) I took the bike for a 24-mile ride. This bike is great! I love this frame. I am very, very happy with it. It is really a better bike than I expected for the cost. My purchase goal was to buy a flat-bar, steel-framed bike that wouldn’t pound me silly like my aluminum framed road bike. I got that, along with a really good all around bike. Your bike set-up was appreciated. The shifters worked flawlessly and brakes were adjusted perfectly. The last bike I bought, I had to do that myself as it wasn’t done correctly. The only changes I made was to rotate the handlebars so the bend was up and back instead of down. Also, I was impressed with the young man that waited on me. He obviously knew everything about the bike, and he was pleasure to talk to. Really, I am tremendously pleased with this bike.



When I was shopping for a new all carbon bike, I went to visit Dan (because of his knowledge, as well as his past reputation as a top BMXer in the country) at Solon Bicycle. Once we selected the bike I had one barrier to overcome--cost! To help me out, Dan worked with me to sell my old bike. He took pictures of it, wrote the ad and placed it on his personal account on E-Bay. When a bid came in, not only did Dan take care of the tranference of money, but he packed my bike up and UPS'ed it out of state to the buyer--all at his expense. He wrote me a check for the bike which I endorsed back to him adding the difference for my new bike. How sweet is that! Since the purchase, Dan and the "wrenches" at his shop have lovingly taken care of it! Dan's the man, I go no where else. You will never meet a nicer guy in the business. He knows how to take care of people--both the big spenders as well as the tire-kickers.



What a bike....what a most enjoyable and unexpected purchase of that price in that short of time i have ever made! i woke up this am. and wondered if i really did do that.not like me but you made it all worth while and on top of that i got a great bike...it was definitely and noticeably different in speed , energy, and just fits me. thanks so much for your attention and knowledge so effortlessly given to me yesterday...i always send people to you guys and you just confirmed why i do that to this day....thanks again and i can't wait to head off on it today! have a great day.



I am very pleased to tell you about the wonderful staff at Solon Bicycle. My wife and I live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We were interested in purchasing two bicycles and an extra bike seat for our 2-year-old son. I went to two bike shops before visiting Solon Bicycle.  Of all three shops, this was the furthest from our house. Nonetheless, I was determined to buy two quality bikes from a quality dealer. I knew about this shop from years past, but had never shopped there. From the time I entered the store, I was honestly very impressed. They had a great number of bicycles lining the walls and the floor. I knew right away that this store was "all about bikes." I was right in the fact that they cared very much about the quality of the bikes, but what really sold me on their store was their quality of service. Solon Bicycle is actually "all about people.

A young mechanic introduced himself to me and we started talking. Within a minute or two, we were laughing and sharing stories. He was still in high school so even though I knew his first name, I still preferred to be called by my traditional teacher title: Mr. O. So Bryan encouraged me to ride any (even all) of the bikes to see what I liked. He was very knowledgeable and I could tell right away that he was excited about bikes. So I rode about ten of their bikes over the next few days before bringing my wife in. Then Dan introduced himself and we started talking. I had a lot of questions about how Specialized bikes measured up against other popular brands. Dan and Bryan both helped me understand the new technologies available and how they differed from brand to brand. So I didn't feel at all like they were trying to sell me anything. They were basically teaching me how to make a good solid decision on a set of bikes that we would own for years to come. And to stand behind their words, Dan said that his store offered free adjustments for the life of the bicycle. I thought this was a tremendous deal!

In the end, my wife picked out a mountain bike, and after several weeks of careful analysis and deliberation, I purchased a Specialized Roubaix Pro. Now my wife and I enjoy long bike rides through the metroparks together with our 2-year old son. Solon Bicycle helped me find the riding clothes and accessories we would need for long, safe, enjoyable family rides.

I think Solon Bicycle is the best. My one regret is that I can't work there!



I have dealt with bike shops before, (heck, I used to work at one), but the service I received from Solon Bicycle was far beyond what I have ever experienced. I can see why the shop is recommended so often. I had the typical situation of "I need a bike but I'm not sure what to get" when I began my quest, but Dan made it easy. He actually gave me choices! He didn't try to push me into any particular model or price range. In fact, I told him how much I had to spend, and he showed me several options within that range. He answered my questions with great knowledge, and everything that has changed since I had been in the business was clearly explained. I felt like a pro all over again, and I was happy and confident in the decision I had made. I also had picked out a few parts and accessories that I either wanted changed or installed, and Dan put them on quickly and with a smile. The whole process was quick and satisfying. I will not hesitate to go back to Solon Bicycle for future purchases and service. I walked out of the store with knowledge, confidence, and I was thankful for such a pleasurable experience. That just doesn't seem to happen these days, but I can tell you for a fact that it DOES happen at Solon Bicycle.