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Have 1-2 bikes you really want to keep safe while transporting to your next adventure? The Chinook bike rack comes with locking hitch pin to secure your rack to the vehicle and keyed alike locking hooks to secure your bike's frame to the rack. This rack was designed with ease of use in mind to include features allowing you to tilt the rack (even loaded with bikes) away from the bumper of your vehicle so you can better access the trunk or hatch to grab your helmet and water bottle for the ride. When not in use, the Chinook's upright bar tips over with a simple pull of the cam lever then the whole rack folds up to the bumper, making it less exposed to damage in a grocery parking lot or trailhead by an unsuspecting driver. The steel wheel trays come with ratcheting straps, to make sure your bike isn't rocking and rolling to your road trip music, which are adjustable to accommodate many different tire diameters and wheelbase lengths. Fat Bike Tire trays (64694) are available as an accessory for those of you with tire widths over 3".
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