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The new sleek, vertically orientated TOPLINE 2016 computers will look great on your stem or handlebar. We've maximized the display size and slimmed down the computer housing to show the largest, easiest to read numbers and letters possible

ATS is SIGMA SPORT's own, newly developed, analog encoded single channel wireless transmission system. The BC 7.16 ATS is one of many wireless bike computer options in the TOPLINE2016 product range.

The wireless transmitter on the fork securely transmits the signal from the magnets to the receiver (computer head) after each wheel rotation. Unlike most computers in its class, the BC7.16 ATS will reject any other wireless signal, preventing "cross talk" when riding close to another cyclist.

  • Day trip
  • Ride Time and Training time
  • Actual Speed
  • Total Ride Time and Overall training time
  • Total distance
  • Average speed
  • Clock
  • Automatic start and stop
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