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Our Denago folding eBike is a powerful, compact model ideal for van life, RV travel, or anywhere with limited storage space. Easy to store and transport thanks to a folding frame, pedals, and handlebar. Features both pedal assist and throttle modes with a sleek, hidden internal battery. The combo of the ultra-low standover height frame and telescoping seatpost means almost everyone can ride, regardless of height or inseam. 

Folds for maximum portability

Folding 1 is equipped with a folding frame, handlebar and pedals so it can fit into tiny spaces. Ideal for vanlife, college dorms, or RV travel. Easy to carry in your car trunk or store in a coat closet.

One size fits almost everyone

With an ultra-low standover height and telescoping seatpost, our Folding ebike is easy to share with friends or family.

Built-in lights

Built-in front and rear lights are powered by the eBike battery. Turn them on and off from the handlebar remote. The rear even lights up when you brake!

Ride your way

Up to 20 MPH on throttle and up to 25 MPH on pedal assist. See all your stats on the high-res digital display.

Locking hidden Li-Ion battery

Our 672 Wh battery (48 volts, 14 Ah) is completely hidden inside the folding frame and locks with a key for security. We built it with quality LG cells and included a 3 Amp charger so you can recharge 50% faster than other brands.

500 watt hub motor

Powered by a lightweight 500 watt hub motor - plenty of torque for speed, while keeping things light enough to carry (complete bike 62 lbs)

Packed with value

Includes beautiful rear rack with wood top, fenders, and kickstand (rack is not for passenger use.) There's even a convenient bell.

3" wide tires

3" wide tires are "just right" - wide enough for comfort, without knobs and extra weight slowing you down.

Folding pedals

We thought of everything! Saves every inch of space for maximum portability.

Powerful disc brakes

Folding 1 features mechanical disc brakes with oversized rotors for extra braking power; plus motor-interrupt switches for additional safety.

7 speed shifter and rear derailleur

Indexed "click" shifter and rear derailleur make changing gears easy. We included a wide gear range, so you're ready for uphill and down.

Padded saddle and telescoping seatpost

Ride in comfort with a wide, padded saddle. It sits atop a telescoping seatpost, providing a huge range of adjustment for rider height, while still collapsing down for portability.


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