HEADSET OR8 INT TWISTR 1-1/8 1.5 IS42/28.6|IS52/40 BK

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  • Highly polished sealed angular contact premium bearings ensure smooth operation
  • CNC machined AL6061 top cover is sealed to keep moisture and grit away from the bearings
  • CNC machined AL7075 crown race protects the lower bearings and fork
  • AL6061 top cap, forged stainless steel bolt, and star nut



SHIS: IS42/28.6|IS52/40 Color: Black
Weight: 90g Steerer OD: 28.6
Cup: 42/52 Race: 40
Stack Height: 10 Bearing Angle: 45°/45°
Size: 1-1/8" to 1.5"
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